Lynda Hinton

Bellingham, WA

I just posted the photos of this on my Facebook with kudos to Mike, Todd and you, Dawn.  EVERYONE loves them!!  I said in my post…..Life is complete!!  I did not have time to get all of my shoes in there, but most all will fit!!  I had forgotten to get a handle, but prefer it without.  It sort of looks like a mini-Murphy bed!  Note, that I have already put a piece of pottery on it as it makes it look more distinguished.

Thanks so much!!

Gage and Carol Barbo

Bellingham, WA

“We like our cabinets because the are locally built and designed to fit the needs of our garage.  Not like big box cabinets that sorta fit.  These cabinets are built to last and professionally installed neatly and efficiently.  Big box cabinets are made somewhere by unknowns, you have to haul yourself, assemble & install yourself while hoping they last.  Some cabinets may be cheaper but you get what you pay for.  Quality is for sure with Custom Closets and Bedrooms.”  -Gage

“These ‘quality’ cabinets are deeper & stronger and do NOT smell like fiberboard.  They are WONDERFUL!!  We also like our garage snap together floor tiles.  My favorite benefit is after a heavy rain or snow, the floor stays dry because water runs thru the tile holes and doesn’t puddle up and make the floor slippery.  Another WONDERFUL product.”  -Carol
Thank you for your excellent product and service.

Deborah Dunphy

Mt Vernon, WA

I absolutely LOVE my cabinets and shelves!!  I have so mch room left in those cabinets and already have the shelves full of boxes.  What a beautiful thing!  My garage looks so NICE!!  I just have to finish the last wall and my garage will be done.  Thank you ssoooooo much!!

Patrick and Alice McCormick

Bellingham, WA

The cabinets and shelves are in and it looks GREAT!  Your installer is a gem to work with.  It has always been a pleasant and rewarding experience to work with you.

Have a great Fall season.

Christie Howard

Bellingham, WA

Moving from a 1600 sq ft home into a 400 sq ft cottage presented numerous obstacles.  How could I make this essentially empty 3 room dwelling into a high functioning living space with plenty of storage??  Custom Closets & Bedrooms was the answer!  I had specific needs and particular ideas of how I wanted the final project to look.  Mike and Jana worked hard to final impressive answers to the challenges of a small home.  I highly recommend Custom Closets.  Their integrity and relability created an amazingly beautiful home.  Thank you Custom Closets!!

Jim and Barbara Richardson

Anacortes, WA

Two words reflect our experience with “Custom Closets and Bedrooms”… SERVICE AND VALUE.  The service from Rita Gray was professional, timely, gracious and helpful as she guided us through the maze of options and configurations for our closets, pantry and garage installations.  The service continued with flawless installation and a crew that was quick, clean and pleasant.  We shopped everywhere and the value of the products offered at Custom Closets were more than competitive from both a cost and quality standpoint.  Our experience with Rita and the rest of the staff was one of the best we encountered.  The quality of the products and installation is a highlight of our new home.

Barbara and Terry Grove

Oak Harbor, WA

Custom Closets and Bedrooms, led by designer Rita and Owner Mike and his installation crew, created and put in place a complete system of cabinets, shelves, and drawers for our 15′ by 20′ utility/mudroom/craft area.  All friends and family who walk in the door say the same thing. . . “Wow!”  We say, “Wow is right”.  The cabinets are beautiful besides being functional.  This is a professional group of people who know their craft and are proud of what they do.  Our experience was positive from the first contact phone call to the installation of the last shelf. This is a service based company with an excellent product which they stand behind.  If any problems surface, they immediately step up to work with the customer to make it right.

We would strongly recommend this company to anyone who wants beautifully appointed cabinetry installed by a company with solid integrity.

Ms. Bernadette M. Petrotta, Author

The Art of the Social Graces Handbook

Where do I begin?  From the first meeting, Rita, from Custom Closets and Bedrooms, was fabulous.  She listened to my needs and within a couple of days sent me a draft via email since I was in another state.  I gave her my feedback and she sent me another draft which ended up being my final plan.

That was it!  That was it for me, of course.  Not for her.  Not only did Rita design my closets with all of the bells and whistles, she made suggestions that have been life changing for me.  I have never liked sliding closet doors but my house design included sliding closet doors.  Thank goodness the doors were not in when she came to measure my closets.  She suggested to put french doors instead of sliders.  I LOVE THEM!  You can see everything when you open the closet doors and they look beautiful.

Thank you so very much Rita.